Moon Freeze Dried Custard Apple Cubes

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Love Custard Apples? Hate the hassle of having to take time off of your busy schedule to find them, and prepare them in a way that best suits you as well as wash up after you're done eating? We do too! That's why we've decided to make a convenient way for you to enjoy the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of the fruit without having to deal with the hassle. Freeze-dried custard apple cubes allow you to eat what you love when it's convenient for you!

Rich source of Iron

Keeps skin young

Reduce cholesterol

Rich in Fiber

  • 100% Natural

  • No added sugar 

  • No Preservatives 

  • Vegan

  • Not Frozen 

  • Gluten-free

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Aninda Saha
My opinion

Taste is very good
Healthy products.
I am ready to consume it on daily basis…at least thrice a week.
But cost resists me.
I’m not agreed to pay this much for this product. But i want it. I want to purchase it from instamart or from nearby stores. Please scale it, reduce the price and let us enjoy your product. Thank you

Avani Patel
Excellent products

Loved it especially the grainy texture the freeze dry process retained.

Monalisha Swain
Should try

The food quality is very good and too yummy to eat. happy to eat this product.

Jimi Parmar
Better quality

The food quality is too good. I am happy to purchase from this seller. Trustworthy products! Recommend to buy.

Rehan Ali

Moon Freeze Dried Custard Apple Cubes

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